Leveraging Your Data for Impact with UpMetrics

Data analysis has never been more important for every level of the philanthropic sector. How can we ask the people striving tirelessly to make the world a better place to add more tasks to their already overwhelming workload?

 The key is to empower nonprofit leadership with tools that not only streamline data collection and analysis, but also build capacity in the long run by helping them to accomplish their own goals.  This panel discussion, hosted by UpMetrics will highlight 3 local Miami nonprofits – ICU Baby, Jewish Community Services of South Florida, Inc, and Radical Partners. They will discuss and share their data journey and how they have used quantitative and qualitative to better tell their story and drive strategic internal decisions.

What is UpMetrics

UpMetrics brings clarity and focus to social impact organizations that feel an urgency to achieve their mission. Founded on a belief that numbers alone can’t convey the value of a project or initiative, UpMetrics transforms streams of data into measurable information so that organizations can visualize and communicate their impact. The UpMetrics platform artfully blends quantitative and qualitative data functions, with customizable tools for collecting, understanding, and communicating impact—uniquely designed for the social sector by people who have built their lives and careers around doing social good.


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