Ady Arguelles

Speaking in Confronting Crypto at 9:45 am for the Fundraising on Fire track.

Ady has dedicated her career to non-profit and social entrepreneurship projects and has been a leader in her field for over a decade. In her role as Senior Executive Director of Development, Research Preeminence & Innovation for F.I.U. Foundation, she has focused on future-proofing the Foundation through diversifying revenue streams and innovative fundraising platforms in support of the University. Ady also develops, leads, implements, and monitors fundraising strategies for College of Business, Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management as well as F.I.U.’s Pre-eminent programs: Center for Children & Families (CCF); Extreme Events Institute (EEI); Global Forensic & Justice Center; Institute for Resilient & Sustainable Coastal Infrastructure and STEM Transformation Institute. Ady started her career in the non-profit sector as a Wildlife Educator and Keeper at The Miami Science Museum. During this time, she engaged children about critical environmental issues via hands-on educational outreach programs alongside rehabilitated animals that served as ambassadors for the cause. She also produced and directed a documentary highlighting her anthropology research in Mexico entitled “Dia de los Muertos, The Sacred and the Profane.” This research focused on the relationship between commerce and cultural heritage and led to her interest in social entrepreneurship as an agent of change. As a result, she founded Natural Baby, her first social entrepreneurship project that focused on environmentally friendly baby products, creating a private label brand of locally sourced products made by artisans and farmers. She also served the City of Miami Beach during their centennial celebrations co-producing the environmental summit focused on climate change.

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