Cultivating Philanthropic Partnerships Around Trust and Collaboration

There is a national movement happening in the Philanthropic Community rooted in the values of advancing equity, shifting power, and building mutually accountable relationships between funders and community-based organizations. Known as “Trust Based Philanthropy,” this evolving approach to grantmaking counteracts the inherent power imbalance between foundations and nonprofits, introducing new grantmaking norms that move away from transactional grantmaking and toward relationship-focused partnerships of trust, shared learning and collaboration. This session will:
  • Provide an overview and understanding of the six principles of Trust Based Philanthropy
  • Provide firsthand examples from local foundations and community organizations on how funders and nonprofits alike are changing the way they work together for the greater good
  • Provide lessons learned and recommendations for how foundations and nonprofits can implement these principles effectively, including how to avoids potential barriers to success



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