Andrea Ortega, MNM, CNP

Speaking in Solution Room: Annual Giving at 11:15 am for the Ignited Fundraising track.

Andrea is the Curriculum Development Manager at Resilia. Andrea holds a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from the University of Central Florida (UCF) and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Public Affairs at UCF with a focus on Nonprofit Management. Andrea is also a part-time faculty member, at Ana G Mendez University, where she teaches students in the Nonprofit Management program. She has a strong passion for sharing knowledge and content creation. Her passion lies in developing curriculums, assessment, evaluation, research, and coaching in the nonprofit sector. She’s taught the following courses:
  • Public and Non-Profit Accounting and Finance
  • Development and Management of Strategic Alliances with Non-Profit Organizations
  • Urban Affairs & Public Policy


Andrea’s vision for Resilia Academy is to create a learning environment that is not one size fits all. Nonprofits are all different in composition and needs. “Our content will reflect different stages of nonprofit development and industry-related education. A food bank runs very differently from a shelter, and we want to make sure our content reflects that. Most importantly, we want you to learn and be able to apply it right away.”

When she’s not working on our Resilia Academy, you can find her enjoying time with her husband and two daughters. Andrea is a proud #Gator, #Knight, and Colombian-American.


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