Joan Marie Godoy

Speaking in Collaborating with Funders and Foundations at 2:00 pm for the Ignited Engagement track.

Joan Marie Godoy is a resourceful connector by nature! She is the current Executive Director at Radical Partners, a social impact accelerator based in Miami that invests in leaders, engages locals, co-designs innovative solutions, and builds coalitions to make communities stronger. Some of the initiatives they spearhead are the Strategic Planning Summit, the 10 Days of Connection, and Leadership Lab, amongst many other social impact networks. 

Joan is a proud Guatemalan, who is also a Clinical Psychologist with a master’s degree in International NGOs, with more than 15 years of international work experience in the social impact sector (Guatemala, The Netherlands, Costa Rica, Chile, and the United States). She is a true believer that success in life should not be measured with the things you obtain, but with the lives you are able to transform. Always committed to the development of the most vulnerable communities, she has uplifted their voices through her work at very small non-profit organizations based in the rural areas of Central America and all the way to UN Women.

To continue pursuing her life mission and many change-making passions, she sits on the Board of the Women’s Fund in Miami to transform the lives of girls and women in Miami, is one of the co-founders of the F*up Nights movement in Miami to embrace sharing stories about failure and is an active alumni of the Global Shapers Community to shape the world through the youth perspective.

To top it all off, she’s an avid yogi, runner, dancer, chocolate-lover, and globetrotter. 


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