Collaboration is the New Competition

Our conference morning Mainstage conversation brings an outstanding panel of corporate foundation leaders to discuss the theme of our IGNITE Conference: Collaboration is the New Competition. Led by Aaron Dorfman, President and CEO of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, the conversation will include Angie Santibanez, Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Amazon Public Policy, Kitty Dumas, Manager, Ryder Charitable Foundation and Jonathan George, Senior Manager, PepsiCo Foundation. Learn from these corporate leaders how their companies have leveraged collaboration to achieve greater impact.


Amazon Public Policy

In 2021, Amazon partnered with Welcome.US, a national initiative that convenes private, public, and community organizations to support families seeking refuge in the U.S. As part of Amazon’s participation, Amazon in the Community donated $2MM to support resettlement organizations by partnering with Welcome.US and Public Policy’s Community Engagement teams to identify 7 regions (South Florida being one of them) to build on-the-ground relationships with local nonprofits that resettled families and provided direct assistance to ensure that they feel welcomed and set up for success.

PepsiCo Foundation

In late 2021, Miami Dade College was invited to participate in a nationwide expansion of PepsiCo Foundation’s Community College Program. Amid a crisis in higher education that has seen plunging rates of enrollment and degree completion among Black and Hispanic students, PepsiCo’s program promotes access and advancement through a holistic approach that offers not only financial support for tuition and eligible living costs, but addresses the additional obstacles – retention, completion, and workforce readiness – that disproportionately impact these students’ educational and professional journeys.

Ryder Charitable Foundation  

Ryder Charitable Foundation has recently built a partnership with Good360, an organization led by Former UPS President and Supply Chain Leader Romaine Seguin, their new CEO. As the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, Good360 has experienced the most impactful time in the organization’s 38-year history in the past two years by distributing $1billion in essential items to support 14 million people in need. They have 400+ company partners and organizations that donate product for a network of 100,000 pre-qualified and vetted nonprofits for the distribution of donations.


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